2020 Upcoming Games

It has almost past eight months in 2019 and you must have alredy got rid of the 2019 games. There is a lot to arrive in 2020 in many categories. There are some confirmed rumors and guesses for the games. So let’s have a look at the list.

Final Fantasy 7

The best that has ever been created is yet to arrive in 2020. This game was published in 2015 and made some impacts with promotional images in 2017. The film will be after the development of the Kingdom and it will be the age of shelving. Nomura’s team will be able to devote many resources in this film.

Payday III

Despite being a game from 2013 this game still has a good influence in the community because of its theme and the story. It’s next level is expected to be released in 2020 with the hopes of many gamers. Dalla’s team will be back for more havocs after the 2nd version. However game producers state that they are in no hurry. Therefore it is still doubtful about the release in 2020.

Telling Lies

This game is not much popular among the gamers as the theme is not well classified yet. Some characters have been attached for the entertainment from the real world. This is a mind game if you are interested. Though there are not actions, you will find some taste if you get to play this game.

Ghosts of Tsushima

This is a production of the game producers who created Sucker Punch. Now they have moved to Japan in search of a story. This game is a narrative-driven game where you have to explore a huge world. You won’t be bored when playing this game as the game is well mixed up with the Japanese culture. However there will be so many sword fights when going to the next levels.