Best Video Games of 2019

Both youngsters and elders love playing video games. Those things can bring coolest feelings and make you forget every trouble you have at the moment. These games will take you to a new world with their contents and the graphics.

Apex Legends

This is a video game with many weapon actions. Even though it is the sky or the earth what you have to do is to shoot at anything you like. This game is like the John wick shooting rehearsals. This game is a free-to-play battle royal game. This is available for play stations and PC.

A Plague Tale: Innocence

This story tells about two orphans who live in France in 15th century. If you get to play this game you will have to deal with many enemies and tactics to go through in this game. Fighting is not the only task you have to do and you have to lead the character with your all senses.

ART Sqool

This is the weirdest game released in 2019 when comparing with all other games. What you have to do is to draw on a canvas which is guided by your processor. You will have to draw illustrations and arts to continue the game. This can be considered as a great game with an AI. Your creativity is the main thing required to continue the game and the system requirements are very low.

A Short Hike

This is a game with simple pleasure. This game is about a bird called Claire who finds a journey himself. You have to do basic things that can be expected from a simple game and you will find this game quite interesting if you start playing this game.

BABA is You

This is a puzzle game if you are looking for a new game to use your mind. Objectives are very simple to understand. What you have to do is to move away rocks and touch the flag. Then a level will be completed.  This game gets tougher level by level. It won’t be a problem as you are well trained in each level to play the next level.