Reality of the Space Travel

Space been a talkative topic since the Second World War.  With the results of the Second World War, many nations tried to invent new things to raise higher than other nations. Some tried to go to space while others were trying to go to moon. The contest was won but nothing gained except than some dusts and pebbles. Many can argue that those expenditures have cost many positive readings. Main point both Russia and America tried to imply was they are the greatest powerful countries in the world. That’s all, have happened. They made it to the space and beyond that they had a visit to the moon. They had imagined that there were many secrets in the space.

It was said that there could be some forms of life that can be useful to the human race, are in the space. Many hopes were kept to create a better human in the future. But, nothing has revealed there have been any form of life in the space. Many space shuttles have discovered that there have been oceans on the planets, magnetic storms on the sun, radiation on space, and many fairy tales. But any evidence has not been found. What they do is just guessing. Besides, there is a club of people who believe that the moon landing is just an illusion. Some may argue that this article is all about the negative impact regarding the space travel. What I am talking about is not about the atmosphere of earth. It’s about the beyond level. Even though we have been able to travel to the moon, we had been unable to get a photograph of a black hole until 2019. We still can’t predict the times about earth quakes, storms, and volcano blasts. Even after we made those things real, we should consider about the space travel. Because there is a stamen saying, leave it as you found it.