Shall We Put a Smart Ring in The Wedding?

The best thing you can do at a wedding is to exchange smart rings. Gradually, the watch we wear, the bracelet, and even the pair of glasses are getting smarter and the ring is getting smarter.

Products have been around for years, but they are still not as common as smartphones. You will read more about why in the future.

Different designs

Because of the small size of the smart rings, the contents are limited. Above all, finding space for the battery is sure to be the biggest challenge. Therefore, these have a different appearance.

Some are confined to the ring like a finger. Manufacturers have to process the ring in several sizes to fit the size of the wearer, using a non-allergenic material, and using batteries, sensors, etc. to keep the two fingers of the wearer as comfortable as possible.

Others store the device in a large box mounted on a simple (sometimes, stretchable) strap. This allows the manufacturer to easily add more features, but the wearer will feel the finger swell.

How it works

One of the connectors used for smart rings, like other clothing accessories, is Bluetooth technology. These send all the collected data to the paired phone and we can see everything in the app as well as in the smart band.

Others use NFC connectors. They are often used for things like opening smart doors, paying with a card selected from the app.

Most branded smart rings currently do not have a screen. They are illuminated by a colourful LED bulb that illuminates the colour set by the app according to Notifications / Calls / Reminders. There are also Vibrate ones. A minority of smart rings have a small belt-like screen. They display the notification of a phone call or the details of an incoming call.

Additional features include not only fitness data but also phone calls.

The current white rings

Here “white ring” means ‘pure’ or ‘good’. In terms of colour, there are not only white, but also black, red, and silver and gold plated at different prices. Also, there are those that featureless but precious stones. Below are some of the products that are ahead in terms of features.

These are just examples of your knowledge and are not recommended for purchase.

1- Motiv

It is 8 millimetres wide and waterproof to a depth of 50 meters. Features such as heart rate, amount of sleep, number of steps walked and distance, location of the phone. Motiv does it all with a 3-axis accelerometer and a heart sensor.

It is charged in 1 hour with a magnetic charger and lasts up to three days. Sales are currently limited to the United States.


It is NFC technology, waterproof and payable. This does not require charging. Payment will only be deducted from your account when the payments are made.

The app can block access to the bank account when the ring is lost or not in use. Available in 20 sizes to fit different finger sizes, it is currently marketed in the UK only.


Made of silver and made of rhodium-plated moonstone, this ring is a product aimed at women. The white, green, pink, and orange LEDs illuminate and vibrate according to notifications or the caller. It can be used 3 days after one charge.

In addition, the number of steps walked and the distance, the number of calories burned, etc. are also calculated here. You have the opportunity to control everything from the app via Bluetooth.


This ring has a wonderful ability to be worn on the thumb. That is, being able to make phone calls. When the tip of the thumb is held in the ear, the ring comes closer to the mouth. The ring can then act as a microphone. We hear sound through bone conduction.

You can also switch songs on or off from gestures, such as smart home controls. However, if you watch the bone conduction video posted on the website here, you will realize how impractical it is. However, as a step forward in technology, it is commendable that they point out its true nature in a transparent way.

But why are these rings not so common?

Despite being so smaller than a smart band, there is a simple answer as to why “Miss Athe was a No (smart) ring”. A well-known company has not yet developed a more successful, world-class, and affordable ring.

Amazon has developed a ring called the Echo loop that can talk to and listen to Alexa (via a speaker) and is expected to be a final product after testing. It was reported last year (2019) that Apple had also obtained a patent for a ring.

Therefore, we have to wait longer for a more successful product. Although most Chinese products are made with a screen, they are not responsible for their durability. However, we Sri Lankans will not be able to wear these rings if we eat rice:)